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His & Hers

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His & Hers


We designed this package to enhance intimacy between partners. It promotes cleanliness, togetherness, and healthy enjoyment of intimate pleasure!

Quantity: Each package contains two yoni soaps and one, one-ounce vial of yoni oil.


  • To preserve the special qualities and characteristics of the oil, please store it in a cool, dry place.
  • Store the soap in a location where it is not sitting in water. (Consider purchasing yoni soap savers for proper storage.)



While you are free to use the soap and oil separately, our intention is for you and your partner to share in the experience of using these products as a couple, because we feel it will help you to grow closer together, as well as experience greater intimate pleasure.

As such, we recommend that you and your partner use the package as follows:

  • Each partner grab a bar of yoni soap. (Men may use it, even though they don't have a yoni).
  • Lather up those intimate parts and rinse well.
  • Grab the oil.
  • Lubricate those intimate areas and have fun!
  • When done, use your yoni soap to wash intimate areas again.   


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